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Buying or selling a home can be SCARY if you don’t have the right representation. SO many things can go wrong with so much at stake and so many emotions at play:

You want a Realtor who listens to you and guides you through potential bumps in the road and contractual pitfalls, while selling a home or finding and negotiating the sale of your dream home. You want someone who will protect both your interests and your privacy, while being responsive to your questions and concerns with clear and concise communication. You need someone who will be on your side and your voice of “calm” in the midst of “chaos” because they have been there and know what to do in a given situation. You need someone who knows how to finesse an offer to get what you want in this ever-changing Dallas, TX home market. Of course, you want a salesperson who will tirelessly negotiate on your behalf, but you also want a friend in the business who will be there for you and shoot straight with you. Most of all…you simply need someone who CARES.

Both buying and selling a home is a very personal journey. With so much competition out there, I am always honored when someone asks me to be their Realtor. Everyone’s “dream home” is different…whether it’s a Mid-Century Modern Home, a Fixer-Upper, a Mediterranean-Style Home, Lake-Front Home, a beautiful Highrise with a Downtown Dallas view, a gated neighborhood in Frisco, TX or simply a low-maintenance patio home in Collin County, they all tell a different story and are all as different as the people themselves.

I want to be there for you on your journey, whether you’re on your 8th home-purchase or have no idea where to start in buying or selling a home. Regardless of whether “dream home” to you means a $90,000 home, or the Million-Dollar + Lake-Front Chateau, I take great pride in helping make dreams a reality.

Contact me today to determine the best plan for what you want for you and / or your family.

Amy S. Arey
Realtor, CNE

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